PulsimSuite was developed by TNO specialists, who have executed numerous API 618/674 consultancy projects on pulsations and vibrations in pipe systems over the past five decades. Our knowledge is consolidated in the PulsimSuite software package, and the users can count on the full support of this experienced group of engineers. Don’t hesitate to contact us for issues on using the software, or for resolving modelling or analysis questions.

If you have a question or problem, please send your support request in an email to:

When submitting a question/issue about using the software, please be as specific as you can with respect to the actions (button-clicks, inputs given, etc.) to reproduce the problem. If possible and applicable, please attach the model and a screenshot of the error message, either from a pop-up, or from the PulsimSuite “Process output” window.

We shall contact you as soon as possible.

To serve you efficiently, we have agents representing PulsimSuite in the following countries:

  • China
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  • India
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  • South Korea
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