About us

The PulsimSuite team continues the work of (among others) Jan Smeulers and André Eijk, who are both still actively involved as advisors. Jan Smeulers started out experimentally validating the algorithms of the first PULSIM analog computer in the early seventies, developed the first digital version of PULSIM, and is currently a senior scientist in the HTFD department. He has always been closely involved in the PULSIM developments. André Eijk built the first versions of the mechanical response toolbox in ANSYS that worked with inputs from Pulsim pulsation results. André is now a senior consultant, and actively involved in API and EFRC working groups for the development of Standards and Guidelines on pulsations and vibrations.

The team

The PulsimSuite software team in 2016, from left to right: Rob Kortschot (Capgemini), Jan Smeulers, Can Tümer, Lennert Buijs, Wilbert Vink, Ryvo Octaviano, André Eijk


New members of the PulsimSuite team: Bart van de Krol, Rens Bazuin and Swen Konings. All pulsation - and vibration consultants, and software developers.

The Graphical User Interface is being developed and maintained by Capgemini (formerly Tessella), and TNO handles the solvers and pre/post processing part of the PulsimSuite tools.

We work in the Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamics department of TNO, where we carry out R&D and consultancy projects. Apart from the software development and support, we do pulsation studies for reciprocating machines and screw compressors, flow-induced pulsation studies, trouble-shooting projects, slug excitation of piping vibrations, etc. for onshore and offshore installations. Most of our projects involve the combination of pulsations and mechanical responses: fluid-structure interaction.

Our mission with PulsimSuite

Enable our users to efficiently deliver safe, reliable, and efficient system designs, by providing intuitive and robust pulsation and vibration software.