New course on pulsation and vibration control

Our annual open course on pulsations and vibrations is renewed. On November 5-6, in Delft, The Netherlands, you are offered all the fundamentals of Pulsation and Vibration Control in Process Installations in just two days. For the first time this year, the course will have plenary and parallel sessions, such that the course will be more focused to your points of interest. As a result, the course duration is reduced and thereby the investments you will have to make in terms of time and money. All information on the course schedule and contents can be found here:

PulsimSuite 2.2.3 Released

PulsimSuite version 2.2.3 has been released. It contains, among others, the following improvements:

  • The acoustic filter settings can now be specified in the Run case definition window and in the Mechanical run case definition window you can specify what force threshold settings are to be used for searching the worst-case pulsation-induced forces for a Mechanical Response run. By not having to specify all that in separate text files, the workflow has been made more robust, transparent, and efficient.
  • In all “bottom tab” windows that specify operating conditions, load cases, etc., you can now copy a full row, or copy a value from one of the boxes into all rows in that column. These functions can be found under the right-mouse button.

The PulsimSuite newsletter, with more information on this new version, can be downloaded below.

Apart from the improvements visible to the user, PulsimSuite 2.2.3 mainly comprises a new “translator” for the acoustics. This new translator is better maintainable and on details slightly more accurate. It also presents you warning and error messages that cannot be seen in the Graphical User Interface. So we recommend to observe the messages in the Process Output window, especially if you have a model that will not run.

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