PulsimSuite 2.3.0 released

PulsimSuite version 2.3.0 has been released. Part of this update happened “under the hood”, which slightly changed the look & feel of some parts of the Graphical User Interface. Examples of more visible changes are:

  • A major new functionality is the Multiple Orifice Optimizer. With this module, you are able to resolve pulsation issues at several frequencies in one go, applying several orifices.
  • The screw compressor (SC) source node is now available for all users.
  • The new “pressure difference” (DP) pulsation source node is also available to all users, and can be used to simulate the effect of Flow Induced Pulsations (FIPs).
  • 2-Core parallel computing is now available as standard for the acoustic (pulsation) solver. This makes the already fast PulsimSuite solver even a factor 2 faster! PulsimSuite has options for up to 16-core parallel processing.

For more information on this release, please have a look at the PulsimSuite news leaflet of Q4, 2021.

OR optimizer

New course on pulsation and vibration control

Our annual open course on pulsations and vibrations is renewed. You are offered all the fundamentals of Pulsation and Vibration Control in Process Installations in just two days. The course now has plenary and parallel sessions, so that the course will be focused on your points of interest. All information on the course schedule and contents can be found here: