The Help pages of PulsimSuite provide ample information, and a tutorial, to learn the basics of how to use the software. To give you a “flying start”, and to teach engineers with less experience in pulsation studies the basics of the acoustic – and mechanical analysis of reciprocating systems, we provide dedicated, single-client trainings.

We offer the following options:

  • PulsimSuite AC introductory training (2 days):
    • Basic theory concepts of pulsations in reciprocating compressor/pump systems
    • Creating models and doing simulations and analyses of 3D pipe systems with PulsimSuite
  • PulsimSuite AC+MRA introductory training (3 days):
    • PulsimSuite AC training
    • Basic theory concepts of mechanical vibrations in reciprocating compressor/pump systems, and doing these simulations and analyses with PulsimSuite.

The PulsimSuite introductory trainings will get you started quickly and give you confidence in the validity of the results of your first projects. is always there to help in case of doubt.

As a PulsimSuite user, you may be interested to learn more about specific advanced subjects that are not dealt with in the PulsimSuite introductory trainings, such as:

  • Compressor Manifold Analysis
  • Screw Compressor Analysis

Such trainings can be arranged, of course.

Seminars and workshops are also available on other subjects covered by the HTFD department of TNO. For more information, please refer to