PulsimSuite is a TNO software tool to perform acoustic (pulsation) analyses of pipe systems. The flow in pipe systems is often not steady, but pulsating as a result of a reciprocating compressor or pump. The compressor-induced pulsations, in combination with the fluid properties and a potentially resonating pipe system, may result in unallowable pulsation levels. Not only will you see if your system complies to internationally accepted standards (API), you can also virtually investigate potential solutions to mitigate the pulsation levels.

Your model (including supporting structures) and its results of the pulsation analysis are used in the PulsimSuite mechanical response analysis, calling the ANSYS finite element solver on the background. The automated interfacing between acoustics and mechanics allows you to run the mechanical response simulations by a simple button-click. The mechanical response results can be visualized back in the GUI, checked for API compliance, and the system optimized. With PulsimSuite’s clear and efficient workflow, performing a proper API 618/674 design approach 3 analysis has come within reach of any piping or rotating equipment engineer.

Avoid expensive downtime due to pulsation/vibration issues, by using PulsimSuite in the design phase of your system.