Graphical user interface

  • Full control of model building, definition of operating conditions, and results analysis via one intuitive Graphical User Interface
  • User-friendly 3D modeler (multiple-select, copy/paste, rotate/translate/mirror, etc.)
  • Direct visual compliance checking with API 618/619/674 standards, by colors on the pipe system
  • Easy identification and visualization of worst-case pulsation/vibration resonances with the innovative 'hover-and-click' functionality
  • Model validity checking as you work
  • User selectable unit systems (SI, European customary, English, US customary)
  • CAD import of pipe systems from PCF files
  • Databases of standard piping, beams, flanges, and valves
  • Straightforward simulation of systems running in parallel
  • Automatic report generation in Word or Excel

Numerical Acoustic Solver

  • Time domain solver ensures accurate simulation of non-linear effects like (cylinder) valve opening/closing, and damping by friction; the Pulsim solver is using the method of characteristics that has proven its validity and efficiency over the past decades
  • Realistic pulsation source model (cylinder with influence of pulsations reflected from piping)
  • Ability to simulate controlled cylinder valves capacity control
  • Reliable, validated models with an established track record in the industry
  • Parallel computing available for high calculation speed
  • No model complexity limits

Fluid-structure interaction

  • Acoustics (pulsations) and pulsation-induced mechanics (vibrations, cyclic stresses) are calculated by a button-click, in one single model
  • PulsimSuite uses ANSYS as the solver for the mechanical simulations
  • Fully automated interfacing between acoustics and mechanics
  • Knowledge of ANSYS is not required, unless you want to:
    • Include user-built mechanical ANSYS models (e.g. compressor manifold) into the PulsimSuite-generated models


  • High-quality support from the TNO PULSIM people; the HTFD department of TNO has over 50 years of consultancy experience in the field
  • Introductory and advanced trainings
  • Not only helping you with the installation and button-pressing of the software, but also with modelling, simulation and pulsation/vibration mitigation challenges; resolving fluid-structure interaction issues is in our DNA!