TNO PulsimSuite: Pulsation and vibration control software

PulsimSuite is a TNO software tool to perform acoustic (pulsation) analyses of pipe systems. The flow in pipe systems is often not steady, but pulsating as a result of a reciprocating compressor or pump. The compressor-induced pulsations, in combination with the fluid properties and a potentially resonating pipe system, may result in unallowable pulsation levels.

Pulsation and vibration control software

Safe and reliable operation of a reciprocating compressor or pump system is of key importance. This requires thorough knowledge of what is happening inside your pipe system. PulsimSuite can provide this information to you, by combining 5 decades of knowledge in pipe flow modelling and a powerful graphical user interface. With a few clicks, compute and visualize the results of a pulsation analysis of your pipe system, for your current operating conditions or those in the future.


TNO provides consultancy services and contract R&D activities to many customers around the world. We help our clients deliver efficient and reliable process systems by applying our expertise in pulsation and vibration control, fluid dynamics, acoustics, and measurement techniques.