API 618/674/619 pulsation & vibration studies

Pulsations in pipe systems caused by compressors or pumps may give rise to loss of production and efficiency, malfunction or damage to the valves, cavitation, or errors in flow meters. Pulsations induce dynamic forces, potentially leading to excessive vibrations and fatigue failure. To avoid these issues, we perform pulsation & vibration analyses according to API standards 618 (reciprocating compressors), 674 (reciprocating pumps), and 619 (screw compressors).

The pulsation analysis is performed using our flagship software PulsimSuite®. Both compressor/pump and pipe system are modelled in PulsimSuite®, using simulation elements like compressor cylinders, pipe elements, T-branches, elbows, valves, etc. The deliverable of such study is a report with the main simulation results and recommendations for mitigation of pulsations and/or vibrations. With the implementation of these recommendations, you will:

  • Have a safe, reliable, and efficient compressor/pump system in current and future operating conditions
  • Save the costs of unplanned downtime for troubleshooting and repair by avoiding pulsations and vibrations during operation
Snapshots of parts of the automatic report generated by PulsimSuite