Purpose of the software

Pulsations or pressure waves are flow dynamic phenomena that can cause various kinds of problems in installations in the process industry, the power industry and the oil and gas industry.

For example:

  • Vibration and fatigue problems in piping and fluid machinery
  • Damage to fluid machinery
  • Cavitation problems
  • Errors in flow meter readings
  • Efficiency loss of running equipment
  • Increased noise levels

API Standards 618 and 674 describe design rules to avoid pulsation problems. To comply with these standards TNO developed a simulation program, called PULSIM (PULsation SIMulator), back in 1969. TNO has built up a track record of over 45 years in doing API 618/674 related consultancy projects, making use of PULSIM. The PULSIM solver is still the core of the commercially available software package: the user-friendly, versatile toolset PulsimSuite.

PulsimSuite is our pulsation software tool to perform API compliant projects for pulsation and vibration analysis of process installations. With PulsimSuite, the usability, robustness, and ease of analysis have been optimized. Creating your models, defining operating conditions, and doing the analyses for Damper Design, Pulsation Analysis, and Vibration&Stress Analysis are all done in the same, user-friendly GUI.

Simulation of flow - and structural dynamics with PulsimSuite in the design stage of a system reduces the risk of unplanned downtime during operation.

The three steps in an API design approach 3 project